Links to know for DOE NYC Parents

All parents should try and be familiar with part 100

Special Ed parents need to also know part 200 and NYSED just updated in feb 2014 part 200.

Does the DOE NYC or your public school refuse to give you information that you have a right to?

Check out this website on how to FOIL:

Take them to Federal Court, now parents can!

Do you wonder who supports your school? Who actually sends the teachers and clusters there? Special ed? Need an RSA because your child is not getting services. Find out who your schools CFN is by going to the school portal page or call the school:

CFN info below:

If you cannot hit below then copy and paste to your browser

See the different methodologies for NYC DOE schools

Want to know where the money is going, how many teachers are at your school?

check here

and be sure to put your school’s DBN number which will be a borough letter and school number.


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