My Child’s Para did not even read his IEP

My child continues to have trouble in school. So for open school week I decided to sit in everyday. I could not believe how useless the para assigned to my child was!

He just kept saying to me. “I don’t know why he does not want to do the work? I mean he obviously can do it.” That’s when I looked at him and said “have you read my child’s IEP?”. He starred at me for a moment and then said “no”.

Thats when I just shook my head and returned to the class.

Inside I was thinking

It has been over a month and you have been struggling  with my son every day!

Perhaps it’s a good idea to at least read the IEP like DUH!

So I ask

What can we do about things like this?

I started by emailing the Principal and the CFN Special Ed support person,

The Principal promises me that he will make the para read it, but this is common sense stuff, and I really feel disgusted.


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