Impartial hearings and FERPA

It really does seem like parents with special needs children have to file for an impartial hearing every year in order to get results.
It’s a shame because it’s more money wasted on political and legal issues that should be spent on classroom instruction and training
Still I have a right to my child’s educational records under FERPA, and instead I am given a ton of things that I did not even ask for rather then what I need.
Look up FERPA here

It is amazing how quick the DOENYC is ready to waste paper, energy and time producing documents that they know I have already. They refuse to produce the ones I asked for or to document that they do not have them.
Not to mention that SEIS can only go back three years, so what happens when you need a document that is older then that?

The impartial hearing process has
seemed to be the only process that gets results especially when asking for student records.
I recently found out that soon all children in the DOENYC will be logged into SEIS check it out here,

Seems to me that if parents are given access to ARIS then why not give access to SEIS?
Parents should not have to file FOIL requests or Impartial Hearings just to get access to records that the school should be able to produce within 45 days as the law states.

Will be creating a petition soon demanding Access to SEIS.
More to come..,


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