Super Excited about our new Self-Direct Plan! OPWDD Self Direct Plan

After 6 months of phone calls, mountains of paper work and lets not forget emails our OPWDD  Self-Direct Plan finally got submitted! With our new plan we get 4,000 for summer camp, 2,600 for Music/art therapy, 36,000 for two life skills coaches! and 1,500 for fitness or Gym like YMCA, annually, It’s great! I strongly encourage those who care for anyone with a developmental disability to apply, plus income is not a factor.

The current definition under the DD Act[9] (adopted in 2000) defines “developmental disability” as a severe, chronic disability of an individual that:

  • “(i) is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or combination of mental and physical impairments;
  • (ii) is manifested before the individual attains age 22;
  • (iii) is likely to continue indefinitely;
  • (iv) results in substantial functional limitations in 3 or more of the following areas of major life activity:
    • (I) Self-care.
    • (II) Receptive and expressive language.
    • (III) Learning.
    • (IV) Mobility.
    • (V) Self-direction.
    • (VI) Capacity for independent living.
    • (VII) Economic self-sufficiency; and
  • (v) reflects the individual’s need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary, or generic services, individualized supports, or other forms of assistance that are of lifelong or extended duration and are individually planned and coordinated.”

The 2000 law also further clarified the application of the “developmental disability” definition for children from birth through age 9. A child may still be considered to have a developmental disability without meeting 3 or more of the above criteria (items (i) through (v)) if the individual, without services and supports, has a high probability of meeting these criteria later in life.

Of course there is more out there on this just google developmental disabilities Act.

  You  tell them to go to and attend a front door session.

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