Independent educational evaluations

  1.    As a mom of a child on the spectrum, it was always hard to know if my child had a disability or not. The fact that public schools really do not care about a diagnosis does not help. Yes they will do evaluations and yes they will create an IEP, however they will not give you an independent evaluation unless you ask for one!
    Start by asking the school based support team, and then follow up with the supervisor of psychology for your school. The CSE most of the time can tell you who that is.
  2.   I would ask as soon as your child reaches school age.
  3.   Be sure that you ask for an award letter vs letting them choose a provider for you.
  4.   This can make all the difference. It is often better for you to call around and get a feel for the providers expertise and        knowledge of educational programs both public and private.
  5.  Will the provider do a school visit?
  6.  Will the provider make educational recommendations?

Often insurance will not cover these types of evaluations especially medicaid, you can wait as long as 8 months to see a specialist.

YAI now has clinicians that can do the ADOS, and they take medicaid!

Another thing that was not around when I first suspected that my child may have ASD, were videos. The amount of videos that are on youtube and Vimeo have grown over the last five years. I remember searching for hours to try and find another child like my own.

Today many brave parents have submitted footage of their children Stimming and expressing themselves showing echolalia

These videos are hard to watch and I remember watching some and just crying non-stop after because of the frustration and confusion that ASD causes for so many of us.

It seems like a never ending battle trying to explain to parents, teachers and even principals that ASD is a real thing and yes my child has it, and yes it is why he does not always listen or get what you are saying.

While the evaluation (IEE) may not seem important, it can make a huge difference in advocating and finding the right placement for your child.


2 thoughts on “Independent educational evaluations

  1. I’m not sure that every child who is delayed and whose parent wants him to have help from the CSE, needs ‘an independent evaluation’. Most children get an SBST eval ,
    then get Resource Room or ICT and that’s great for them. They don’t need more services, except to the extent that every person would like more help, and this can all be done w/o the expense of outside evals. Because in fact, we do know that there’s only so much money in the pot and as we spend it, it goes . . .
    so we need to spend it and get the most bang for our buck, ie help most kids, and independent evals
    are money consuming and don’t do anything in terms of direct services. Lisa


    • I agree, one should always try to utilize their insurance for medical evaluations as well as educational if possible. The payment for these evals is actually quite low compared to the standard. For example a neuropsychological paid by the public is capped at 1000, while typically the cost outside can range from 3000 to even 6000 and one can pay out of pocket and sue for reimbursement which costs even more rather then just get a voucher.
      In the long run its more cost effective to get this kind of evaluation, then to waste time and resources on services that might not even be appropriate.


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