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They’re some of the richest people in the world. They live in Greenwich, Connecticut, the Upper East Side of

Manhattan and in luxury lofts in TriBeCa.

Their businesses have helped to create the most unfair and most unequal economy in American history. Their money has corrupted our government in Albany.

Now they want total control of education policy and funding. Don’t let it happen.




Websites Work in Progress

Legal Informmantion




REGS complete-Aug2014.pdf


Autism Sites





Must Read Books

Health Reference Series ( Choose the one that correlates with the disability ).

I have this one: http://omnigraphics.com/shop/autism-and-pervasive-developmental-disorders-sourcebook-2nd-ed/#description







Laser jet printer black ink only

4 large binders

1. For school and IEP paper work

2. Assessments

3. School work


Clear sheets,hole puncher, folders,paper,

Marble notebook.  (for daily notes and phone calls, Progress and follow up, date each page)

these fill up fast

OPWDD , webinars part 200.

Today was a full day and boy did I learn a lot! I went to a developmental disabilities council meeting all about children’s services. I then went to my SD ( Self directed ) launch meeting which was great!
Last I participated in a Parent to parent webinar that was all about part 200 commissioners regulations for NYS.
Where I learned that a major issue for NYC DOE parents is that the city guidelines really fail in their SOP IEP procedures manual and chancellors regulations to effectively translate the state Commissioners Regulations as far as defining what the special education continuum of services are that can be offered at IEP meetings.

It seems that often what takes place around NYS does not take place in NYC. We are left out because of our size which seems to be very unfair to our children. They are denied services and access to basic resources.
For example when is the last time that you saw a Special needs child offered a one to one Para for the district funded or PTO funded after school program? Often the special needs child is not allowed to participate or cannot participate because the ratio is too high.
The district does nothing to help these parents access after school options, which further oppresses a family. It does not empower them to be independent or successful.

I went to a conference at tweed where a special needs parent asked about special needs children and after school services which of course are available to all children at the participating public school.
The chancellor for special education who’s name I will not mention, failed to even attempt to answer this question. She completely avoided it and changed the topic. This is violation of IDEA and ADA at its worst, our children are clearly being discriminated against by not being able or allowed to access after school programs that are available to typical developing children.
Look out for the next Blog that will provide a list of helpful links to the updated Part 200 NYSED section, the SOP IEP NYC book and of course the Safeguards.
I also plan on developing a state complaint resource outline.

Google and the DOENYC

ICYMI: The Education Department released guidance [http://politico.pro/11cloYd] Monday to help states fortify plans for ensuring that all students have access to great teachers. The package of materials sent to states includes frequently asked questions [http://politico.pro/1wc5Lrk ], comprehensive data files and Educator Equity Profiles, which compare teacher characteristics in high- and low-poverty schools and in schools with high and low concentrations of students of color. (Those profiles will be made public in December.) Missouri posted a “draft” Educator Equity Profile online while state education officials held a meeting on Monday, but the state later took it down, stressing that the information wasn’t accurate and that it wasn’t a final version. The draft profile looked at the percentage of teachers in their first year, the percentage teaching without certification or licensure, the percentage of classes taught by teachers who aren’t highly qualified and the percentage of teachers absent more than 10 days. It also looked at adjusted average salaries.

– Denise Marshall, executive director of The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc., said she’s pleased with the guidance, but hopes “states will take seriously [the Education Department’s] urging that they address the overlap of poverty and race with disability. Many students with disabilities spend the majority of their day in the general education classroom, and we know that far too many spend time in classrooms staffed by inexperienced teachers.”

– Two Colorado high schools expect mass opt-out of tests this week. Chalkbeat Colorado: http://bit.ly/11cGtSi

– Maine’s education commissioner place on indefinite medical leave. Bangor Daily News: http://bit.ly/1xGDHP2

– Alabama’s high court will hear arguments on the state’s Accountability Act, which provides tax credits for parents to move their children from failing public schools to private schools. The Associated Press: http://bit.ly/1wMw9vS

– Education think tank head quits after flawed study. The Associated Press: http://bit.ly/1B0420m

– Google’s Chromebooks have officially taken over the education market. Buzzfeed: Google’s Chromebooks Have Officially Taken Over The Education Market

Know who your cluster and CFN are!

Parents and providers working with the NYCDOE should know who your CFN is and their cluster.
Go here for more info :


These employees are directly responsible for providing support for the school and the special needs population. They can provide RSA’s transportation reimbursement such as (Form TRV-1) and vouchers for IEE ( independent educational evaluations). Be as familiar as you can with these individuals, the parent centers in NYC that are federally funded do not have the capacity or the knowledge to provide this info and I have gotten this info from other parents independently.
You must advocate for your child!

Were Avonte and Dyasha ever offered an Approved private school???

Why is it that children who are much higher functioning are sent to Private schools and those that truly need it were not?

If the DOE NYC really cared about children with special needs they would have offered approved private school placement to these students. These things do not happen in state approved private schools. The doors are locked and safety is a top priority!

The DOE NYC only offers private school to parents who fight for it, which is just unfair and wrong. D75 schools/seats need to be safer and better looked at. LRE should not mean death and mistreatment.

I highly doubt that the DOE NYC ever offered a state approved private school to Avonte’s or Dyasha’s parents. They never admit (with out an advocate) that they cannot teach a child or provide FAPE and they should. It would save everyone a lot of heart ache and money.

When is the last time you heard a child escaping or dying while in one of the schools on this list?


or the non approved schools like Cooke or GERSH?

The children below may still be alive today if they had been offered a state approved private school.





NEW Chancellors Regulations updated 2014 NYCDOE

While there are hundreds  of ways in which the DOENYC keeps parents up to date, emails, apps, Facebook and twitter, there is still a lack of notice to changes to the Chancellors’s regulations. Some of these below were written about by chalkbeat and reporters. I still make a point to every so often check the regs to see if any updates were made recently, the ones that I did not hear about around student discipline are very important ( verbal abuse and corporal punishment). The process in which these complaints are made, filed and handled  are missing the parents role. Often it is the parent that files complaints, and yet it does not state how those complaints are followed up, in terms of reporting and a time frame. It has been well over six months now that OSI and OGC have been “investigating” verbal abuse with literally no follow up requirements in these regulations it makes it quite difficult to find out if anything will ever be done about the abuse that takes place in some schools. Parents are often locked out of the process and told to wait. There is no time limit for conducting these investigations.

Verbal abuse


Corporal punishment


Superintendents selection 


Parent and student Panels