Google and the DOENYC

ICYMI: The Education Department released guidance [] Monday to help states fortify plans for ensuring that all students have access to great teachers. The package of materials sent to states includes frequently asked questions [ ], comprehensive data files and Educator Equity Profiles, which compare teacher characteristics in high- and low-poverty schools and in schools with high and low concentrations of students of color. (Those profiles will be made public in December.) Missouri posted a “draft” Educator Equity Profile online while state education officials held a meeting on Monday, but the state later took it down, stressing that the information wasn’t accurate and that it wasn’t a final version. The draft profile looked at the percentage of teachers in their first year, the percentage teaching without certification or licensure, the percentage of classes taught by teachers who aren’t highly qualified and the percentage of teachers absent more than 10 days. It also looked at adjusted average salaries.

– Denise Marshall, executive director of The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc., said she’s pleased with the guidance, but hopes “states will take seriously [the Education Department’s] urging that they address the overlap of poverty and race with disability. Many students with disabilities spend the majority of their day in the general education classroom, and we know that far too many spend time in classrooms staffed by inexperienced teachers.”

– Two Colorado high schools expect mass opt-out of tests this week. Chalkbeat Colorado:

– Maine’s education commissioner place on indefinite medical leave. Bangor Daily News:

– Alabama’s high court will hear arguments on the state’s Accountability Act, which provides tax credits for parents to move their children from failing public schools to private schools. The Associated Press:

– Education think tank head quits after flawed study. The Associated Press:

– Google’s Chromebooks have officially taken over the education market. Buzzfeed: Google’s Chromebooks Have Officially Taken Over The Education Market


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