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So true and you also learn more about General Education too!


imageWhile at my yoga retreat this past weekend, I came across the above maxim.  It immediately resonated with me.  And it got me to thinking….

I recently read an article entitled ‘Pity the Parents of Special Needs Children.’  Almost EVERYTHING written in this article was spot on.  But the title?  The use of the word pity?  Well, that most definitely did not resonate.  Empathy, understanding and support – not pity – are what parents of special needs children want.

That article was part one of a series of articles on parenting a child with special needs.  Supposedly the second article is to focus on the positive aspects of it.  Well, that hasn’t been published yet.  I’m impatient.  So I’m going to write it.  Right here.  Right now.  Here goes:


Parenting a special needs child is both heartbreaking and magnificent.  There is so much fear, so many doctors…

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Inclusion and General Education

Comrades! Parents!

Why do we allow the public School system to push our children with disabilities into state approved schools? Schools that provide no oppritunities to be in the least restrictive environment?

When will we learn that Self direction and Self determination is our right in the academic world?

My son with Autism has gained an immense amount of support thanks to the HCBS wavier, without being in a residential facility .

This summer alone he has achieved many goals and valued outcomes amongst Typical Peers!

Baseball, Swimming, and even participated in a Rock Band.

Inclusion is possible.