Behavior Intervention Plan, Functional Behavioral Assessments, Behavioral Management Plans and Response to interventions: What does it all really mean about my child? When do we ask for these interventions? What does that process look like?

For a long time I wondered about what these things are and why do we need, want, or think that they will work? I never  hear that they really work, but yet my child has had two BIPs (behavioral intervention plans), two FBAs (functional behavioral assessments) and one BMP (behavioral management plan). I feel like they did nothing to change, manage, intervene or plan  anything as far as him independently concerning his behavior, it is not like we (my child and I) were ever really involved in this process.

The first time my child had an FBA and a BIP was is third grade. It was something the school CSE (committee on special education) did as a response to an MDR (Manifestation Disability Review). An MDR is something that must be done when a child is suspended


Although there was that one time that the FBA administrator (yes this is a term usually the school psychologist ) gave my child a reinforcement survey, yes this is also a term. Surveys, checklists, questionnaires and interviews all fall under direct data.

So what did they do? What did the FBA and BIP do?

In hindsight I really do think the FBA and BIP did help. The FBA and BIP helped to identify that the team involved did not have a clue about PBIS (POSITIVE BEHAVIORAL  INTERVENTION SUPPORTS) nor were they aware of behavioral interventions in general.  It revealed that they needed to spend more time working on  positive behavioral strategies  as well as exploring the various functions of behavior. The FBA and BIP also helped me to learn more about my the language of behavior. It provides a guide or rather a equation in which one tries to input a complex notion like behavior into so that one can ascertain the answer to ” Why does the student behave this way?”

I find that the school personal and myself really did learn more about their own behavior which intern really helped my child . What do I mean by their “own behavior” ?

Well throughout the FBA and BIP process the teachers themselves  learned about how my child would react to certain situations and how their response in those situations could either redirect or escalate my child’s behavior. In this way I found the FBA and BIP process quite helpful and yes it took a number of visits and meetings and even taking away the FBA and BIP eventually.  In the end since the  behavior diminished for numerous reasons the process was most helpful in revealing the “response behavior” of the team that was directly working with my child. It would be great to utilize this as a term. Perhaps a Functional  Behavioral Response Assessment. It could be an assessment to identify  and assess the teachers responses to a child’s behavior.

more to come…..



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